Frequently Asked Questions

The CYD Rising Blazers Program is ZIP code specific. We serve students who live or attend school in 75210 and 75215 (South Dallas Proper) and 75241 and 75216 (Oak Cliff Proper).

Youth ages 6 to 17 who live and/or attend school in one of the covered ZIP codes are eligible to apply. If you are a youth, please apply with your parent or guardian. Click here to join.

Rising Blazers partners with various organizations in the community to serve local youth. Our service providers (subcontractors) serve youth who exhibit at least two priority, high-risk characteristics. Program services reflect a mix of intensive services that serve a limited number of youth (such as one-on-one mentoring) and lower intensity services that serve a higher number of youth (for example, group recreation).

Please visit our Service Providers page to learn more about our partners.

Rising Blazers is also an approved entity to provide teen Mental Health First Aid training. Rising Blazers can partner with high schools and nonprofit organizations serving youth ages 15-17 to provide training. Click here to learn more about teen Mental Health First Aid.

Yes. By registering for the CYD Rising Blazers program, you have the ability to take advantage of all of the services from all of our service providers. If you signed up with one of our providers directly, you can still take advantage of all our providers. You can click here to register with Rising Blazers.

Easy! Just click here to register. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you out.

We welcome all suggestions to bring new components to our program. Please visit our Let’s Connect page to submit your suggestions.

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