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Youth in South Dallas and Oak Cliff
Experience Great Disadvantages

The Dallas ZIP codes 75210, 75241, 75216, and 75215 covering South Dallas and Oak Cliff form the most disadvantaged area in Metropolitan Dallas.

0 %
Percentage of adults over 18 who are incarcerated, one of the highest inmate-producing places in all of Texas
(Source: The Commit Partnership)
0 %
Percentage of households without Wi-Fi, preventing access to educational resources
(Source: WFAA)
0 %
College enrollment rate, compared to state average 57%
(Source: Dallas ISD)

If something isn’t done, these problems will stay the same or get worse. Our youth will grow up without the resources to reach their full potential.

Rising Blazers Offers a Solution

Rising Blazers at UNTD provides mentorship, youth leadership, and after-school programs to children and youth in South Dallas and Oak Cliff.

Our goal is to help our students develop academically, socially, and emotionally today—so they can become equipped to be change-makers in their communities tomorrow.

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What Does Rising Blazers Offer?

Rising Blazers partners with local organizations to serve youth who exhibit at least two priority, high-risk characteristics. Programs include both intensive services, such as one–on-one mentoring, as well as group activities, such as sports. Students who live or attend school in the ZIP codes of 75210, 75241, 75216, and 75215 are eligible to join in any of these free programs.

All of Our Programs Emphasize
Our Four Core Pillars

Post-High School Readiness

Post-high school readiness includes preparing young people for their transition from school to the multiple pathways after high school graduation.


Mentorship facilitates an ongoing and positive relationship between the youth and a caring adult who helps the youth as he or she goes through life.

Youth Leadership Development

Youth Leadership Development prepares youth to meet the challenges of adolescence through a series of structured, progressive activities and experiences that help them to develop leadership skills.

Youth Advisory Committee

The goal of YAC is for a consistent group of youth to provide input, give feedback and help to shape the local CYD program. YAC includes 10-20 youth comprised of both middle and high-school. YAC meets monthly in person or virtually.

We Partner with the Following Organizations to Help Youth Rise

Students who participate in Rising Blazers programs feel a sense of involvement and belonging, which improves their mental and emotional health.

As a result, students also demonstrate improved academic performance, increased attendance rates, and a higher likelihood of high-school graduation. They will also be better prepared for life after high school and in a position to work a positive change in their communities.

Portals and Resources

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If you're a Rising Blazer, you can access the Rising Blazers Student Portal to attend provider classes.
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If you're a parent of a Rising Blazer, you can access the Rising Blazers Parent Portal for classes and events.
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For Instructors

If you're an instructor with a Rising Blazers provider, you can access the Rising Blazers Instructor Portal to lead classes.
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Local Resources

If you're looking for some fun and educational things to do in the area, check out our list of recommended local resources.
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