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Puede Network Scholars Program

Puede Network walks alongside students and their families to create access and exposure to educational resources necessary to become well-rounded members of society, thereby creating an equitable opportunity for higher education attainment for disenfranchised communities.

The Puede Network Scholars Program focuses on building an ecosystem that convenes and supports students, educators, and parents, in an effort to transform students into scholars, and scholars into community leaders. We believe that in our nation, community service, leadership initiatives, and academic success will help students to understand their role in the economy and society. The Puede Network Scholars Program works to build pride in a collective goal, to create a one-vision-one-brand for the families served, and to ensure that all members understand its instructional core in order to be part of the movement.

Puede Network Scholars
Program Offerings

Soccer Academy

Boxing Academy

Dance/Art/Music Academy

Coding Academy

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