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Carter’s House nurtures the self-esteem and confidence of families experiencing poverty by providing clothing and community support that improves their lives.

Carter’s House has partnered with Rising Blazers and Uzima Institute to create the Urban Virtual Village Support Group. The Urban Virtual Village Support Group aims to provide parents with a safe space to discuss the highs and lows of parenting and to guide parents on how to build a village that they can call on when times are good or bad.

The Urban Virtual Village was created to empower parents and caregivers of children ages seven (7) years and older residing in zip codes 75215, 75216, 75210, and 75241 who gather to confidentially discuss parenting issues, concerns, and situations. Discussions are consistently rooted in creating more balanced, harmonious lives for families in low-income communities.

When parents are unable to communicate or handle family issues in an effective and positive manner, it is the beginning of a generational cycle that affects them and their children for years to come. It’s important for parents to have an outlet in a safe place to discuss the highs and lows of rearing children.

Members of the Carter’s House team know firsthand what it means to be a hard-working parent who wants more for their children. And they all understand what it feels like when nothing they do is working.

Carter’s House Urban Virtual Village Support Group aims to change that. Parents of Rising Blazer youth can join the Village to hear a new perspective on dealing with family issues. The Village provides an opportunity for parents to take advantage of a safe place to discuss anything that is important to them.

Before parents come to the Village, they are often confused, angry, and in need. After, they feel relief, love, and encouragement. They are determined to keep going because they feel hope.

Together, Carter’s House and Rising Blazers are dedicated to improving the lives of families in our most vulnerable communities.

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