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Dr. Constance Lacy

Co-Principal Investigator

Dr. Constance Lacy Ph.D., LCSW, MAC, HS-BCP, a leader in human services, has over 20 years of experience in clinical and community mental health, nonprofit leadership and administration, cultural diversity and equity, and resource development. Currently, she serves as the inaugural Dean of the School of Human Services at the University of North Texas at Dallas, where she is instrumental in building relationships and creating initiatives with the community and area leaders.

Dr. Lacy holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Social Work and a Master’s of Science in Social Work (MSW) with a focus on family counseling and community administration. Under the leadership of her mentor, Dr. Lacy has over eighteen years of experience conducting research and implementing strategic intervention strategies for individuals and families in the Dallas family court system. A Harry S. Truman Scholar, Dr. Lacy’s intellectual works include research on resiliency among African American Youth, the impact of conflict on children and families when couples are divorcing. She has done extensive community-based research on such topics as food insecurity, community stress, collective impact, conflict resolution and community mental health. She has presented both nationally and internationally on topics that include leadership, empowering family systems, developing nonprofit infrastructures using action research from a collaborative, inclusive approach.

Currently, Dr. Lacy is participating in the investigation of African American Cultural Elements and their impact on mental health and substance used disorders among professionals, students, and communities. Her collaborative partnerships increase her capacity to conduct research that is enlightening, current, and culturally relevant. Additionally, she is working on a grant-funded project looking at the efforts of mental health training on individual and community-based behavioral health initiatives. As a trusted gatekeeper, she has also begun to mentor a new generation of nonprofit leaders.